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Credit request without control, dream or reality?

Credit request without control, dream or reality?

The credit organizations authorized in France are required to examine the file of credit repayment incidents to individuals on each credit request. People registered with the PCFI instantly see the door to consumer credit slamming in front of their noses. Are there alternative credit solutions without PCFI control? How to get out of PCFI and thus find a profile eligible for consumer credit? All the answers.

Credit without PCFI control: mission impossible?

Credit without PCFI control: mission impossible?

Going in search of a credit without PCFI control is mission impossible. All credit organizations in France are obliged to examine the file of credit repayment incidents for individuals . This is as well the case for a car loan application as for a personal loan, a small loan or a work loan.

It is a legal obligation in consumer credit. No specialist is exempt from this rule. This obligation was put in place to protect consumers against the risk of over-indebtedness.

Beware of credit scams and false promises

You can quickly lose your mind in a complicated financial situation. Many scammers take advantage of the need for credit without PCFI control to set up credit scams. The promise is often the same: a credit conditioned by the payment of a small sum.

This first payment may be justified by the scammer as corresponding to administrative or management fees. Never pay money having received funds from a consumer credit . It is certainly a credit scam without PCFI control, and many French people still fall into the trap.

How to get out of PCFI?

Our best advice is to get out of the file rather than embarking on an impossible search for credit without PCFI control . We will see later in this article that there is indeed a mini credit solution without PCFI control, but impossible to consider a project with the associated amounts.

Once the name has been deleted from the file, it will again be possible to initiate a credit request online, with your bank or any other actor. It should be understood that registration with the PCFI is not a sanction, but the result of a consumer protection mechanism. A registration on the file never arrives by chance, it is always the result of a default in reimbursement. The goal is to prevent borrowers from finding themselves in unmanageable situations.

An organization registered me on the PCFI, how to get out? 

  1. Contact the organization that requested the PCFI file and start a constructive discussion.
  2. Pay off debts directly or offer a different installment to ensure good repayment.

Whatever happens, the organization that entered the file must give its consent before deleting its name. Once proof of the agreement (or reimbursement) has been obtained, all you have to do is go to the Bank of France closest to your home to initiate a processing procedure, with proof of identity. It is also possible to send a letter incorporating a copy of the identity document, proof from the organization and a few lines specifying the request at an office of the Banque de France.

When relations are strained or become impossible with the organization concerned, it is interesting to contact a bank mediator. In the event of a file deemed to be abusive, it is possible to enter an association as well as the fraud prevention department.

Clearance after an over-indebtedness commission procedure

When registration on the PCFI is the result of an over-indebtedness procedure, the debriefing does not end until all the amounts due have been reimbursed. The duration of a conventional reimbursement plan is seven years maximum.

People who have benefited from a personal recovery procedure must wait five years in all cases . The only way to shorten this period is to have erased your debts with the sale of your personal property.

Viloan, the only credit organization without PCFI control?

Cashper, the only credit organization without PCFI control?

Viloan is an organization that specializes in requesting fast credit for small amounts. A small loan that does not meet the laws of consumer credit. The amounts are generally in the range of $ 150 to $ 300 maximum when first used , and the amount is to be reimbursed in 15 or 30 days. The money can be transferred to the account within 48 hours if you subscribe to a very expensive “express” option (30% of the amount requested). Otherwise, the funds will be paid on D + 15 or D + 30, depending on the choice of credit formula. The amount of credit without PCFI control can reach 1000 USD in some cases.

Viloan is a specialist in mini credit without PCFI control . The organization does not systematically interrogate the file, in some cases making it possible to obtain credit without PCFI control. However, this is not a credit without proof. Viloan indeed requests the pay slips before granting or not a mini money loan. The PCFI is not necessarily interviewed. Rather, it is in the PCFI’s interest to try their luck with Viloan. There is no indication, however, that the organization will accept the request. Failure to pay could especially lead to new complications, and significant additional costs. Mistrust therefore.

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